If I’m looking for sushi, barbecue pork buns, or just a bowl of noodles, I have a hundred choices here in Vancouver, and they could all be good. Mexican, however, is a different story.

When I got back from Los Angeles, I asked friends if they knew a good taco place. I had fallen hard for the tacos there, the fish taco, in particular. So different from what we know up north, with the hard shells, the ground meat, the cheddar cheese; a real Mexican taco is a small bite with so much flavour. Anyone who tried to send me to Taco del Mar was summarily dismissed.

So I had to find La Taqueria on my own. A tiny place, in not the best neighbourhood, but it’s colourful inside, even on a Vancouver rainy day. I always want the pescado and carnitas, and this time, I tried the pollo con mole and al pastor. I even loved the pink pickled onions on top, and I don’t love pickled things or onions.

Small bites, small plates, small place. Big flavour. That’s what I love.