It’s so easy to fall out of a habit that hasn’t been made yet. This week has been weirdly busy so far. Monday was a double bill with Sam, Josh, and Josh’s crazy film nerd friends. A pretty good Guinness pie at Doolin’s Pub afterwards, but I think I can do it better. If we’re gonna have fruit pies at The General, we should totally do meat pies: beer/meat and chicken. But our pies are gonna have bottom crusts, too. It’s the best part.

Then I’ve been handling The General shipping. We sold two etsy items this weekend, which is awesome, but I seriously underestimated shipping. It’s such a hassle, the boxes, as well as the postage, which, in Canada, is pretty outrageous. I wonder if postage is different in different provinces. Would PEI be more expensive, because it’s a tiny island? I’m not sure how much it’s really worth it. I want to narrow our focus. Instead of selling things we like, just selling one or two types of things. I like the idea of cups and plates.

Laundry tomorrow, then hopefully some sun to get the rest of the etsy stuff photographed and up. Taking a look at fabric and cutting new squares for new Shirt & Tie products. And finishing this goddamn dating! story.