Last night, I applied for a job at the CBC that reminded me of this mid-00s show they aired on weekend afternoons about young people making art, starting businesses, and being activists. It took a helluva lot of Googling to find MAKE SOME NOISE, which, I suppose, tells you how popular it was and why I lost track of it. But there are still some segments to be found, on YouTube, like this one about a record label introducing African hip hop to Canada. I must say, my favourite part is K’naan in the background, while this ten minutes is all I’ve ever heard of Tumi and the Volume. I was barely into my 20s when I was watching this show and already a pretty big dreamer, but it was thirty minutes, once-a-week that made my dreams seem possible. I always knew that whatever I did with my life, I would do it like this. Maybe it wouldn’t be about changing the world, but it would be my own thing, and it would look crazy from the outside, but it would feel right for me. I’m almost there.