1. It turns out that morning is the best time to write these entries, not night. It’s what came about organically, which is always what I want. With both Mom and Dad off work yesterday, it felt more like Saturday than Friday, and I kept thinking DOCTOR WHO would be on. I really am enamoured with both Eleven and Steven Moffatt. Instead, I watched a bunch of CONFIDENTIAL. They don’t really need to be an hour long, but there is good stuff in there to be found.

  2. Today IS DOCTOR WHO day, though!

  3. Finished reading SMALL IS POSSIBLE; moved on to SMALL-MART REVOLUTION. Local economy is all about community, which isn’t really what I’m looking for in a business. I think I like the audience/reader metaphor more. I just don’t like most people. I’m all for community if I like everyone in the community. It’s sounds silly, but that’s how it works in my head.

  4. The General sold its first product. We’re on our way.

  5. Dude, why aren’t there any bands like this anymore?

Craig Finn, to Tad Kubler, while watching THE LAST WALTZ, the night they formed The Hold Steady.