Got caught up in this book, SMALL IS POSSIBLE, by Lyle Estill, about the local economy in his small corner of North Carolina. So many of these ventures about community, but that’s not really something I’m interested in. Sure, if I like the people involved in that community, but it’s not something I’m looking for. I suppose I want audience/customers more than community. Is that so bad? Anyway. It’s a compelling book because I’m almost done.

Despite missing last night’s post, I think I’m getting better at juggling the stuff I’m doing right now. I made a list the other day, then realised I had to add this, too. Today, I want to get a stack of squares cut so I can be working on sewing in the small moments. It’s all about those small moments. When I’m waiting for a page to load or a video to show up or dinner to cook, I can be writing sentences, sewing corners, and taking photos.

Structure of a dayjob will certainly help me better use the small moments, but mostly, I want an office job so I can scam photocopying for my zines. It’s awful, but true.