So! I want to write a Shirt & Tie zine to sell. I want an issue that’s all little stories about a tailor shop—-a repurposed Bespoke. I want an issue that’s about my favourite designers and movies and the things that inspire me. I want an issue that’s about the practical stuff, the things I’ve learned about sewing, and the things I want to learn, too.

I want to sell other zines on etsy, too. I wonder if there’s precedence for running different shops from one username. I mean, that’s why I picked my real name as my username. Using tags (or is it categories?), and creating shops inside shops. I like it! I can totally do that. Fabric, paper, butter and sugar. That’s always been what the things I make are made of. Facts is paper, or is it vanishing city? I’ll come to that later.

This feels like major motivation to get zines made, too.

And I really need to figure out shipping for The General. Ugh. And photos. Where the hell can I take photos in this house?