I think I’ve always liked the idea of Morning Pages, but it’s the way Julia Cameron writes about them. She talks about how your inner self comes out, and I’m sure that’s true, but I think what’s more important is that your ideas come out. When you stop self-censoring yourself and just write things down as they come, ideas that were there at the back finally find shape. That’s what I want.

My head is always full. My mind is always racing. I need a consistent method to clear ideas out, not because I need space for new ideas, but because I need to do something with them.

I really really want to get myself publishing pamphlets. I want to clear off my desk, except for the typewriter, a stack of paper, and just write. (Where can I copy these days? Check Office Depot prices. That’s the main reason I want an office desk job–to scam the photocopier.)

Also want to try printing some photos, just on copy paper, see what they look like. Then type up stuff on the back.

I think it has to be called factsarenothing. Or, no title. Different titles every time, and just my email address to identity. Because, when you Google facts are nothing, you find me. Analogue blogging. I am your pamphleteer.