If I can’t finish writing at the moment, I can at least start on the zines I want to put together. To that end, tomorrow, I’m clearing out my bedroom. It’s too small to have this much stuff. Streamline supplies and equipment, get my typewriter out, use my desk as a desk. Everything else goes away.

I also need to do laundry.

Books are due back to the library soon. Oh, damn, tomorrow. Try to renew. I can finish the first Roberts tomorrow, write a review by the end of the week. Maybe just take them back. I always take out books, thinking I’ll read them and having the best intentions, but right now, I want to be writing. I hate when I’m not writing. I feel guilty when I’m not writing.

Another sale on etsy, yay! Time to get some new colours up in the store.

Made a really delicious Mexican lasagne for dinner: fire-roasted pepper sauce layered with tortillas, meat, cabbage, and cheese. Also, banana chocolate chip oatmeal pancakes, which were good, but need tweaking. We’ll have pancakes at The General, but just one kind–or one savoury, one sweet. Because it’s about finding your signature, not pleasing the world.