1. It proves to me that life is about noticing and deeming the mundane as special, and that if you do that, just maybe you can wring the last bits of beauty out of this life while you’re here.

Frank Chimero, on Maira Kalman’s work, part of a list of ten pieces of writing he revisits again and again (half of which I do, too).

  1. Mom and Dad are home now. Spent the day working through my photos. The 2007 folder is daunting. I don’t know how those photos got corrupted, but turning them into gifs isn’t going to work. The quality is crap.

  2. God, I love Stark Sands’s cover of Heartbeats.

  3. Please don’t use any paint on the roads. Chalk is OK and encouraged, just be safe about applying it! Please be respectful of local residents, we are only borrowing their roads for the day. Park legally and pack out your trash.

Chuck Hodge, Tour of California race director, on the difference between American and European cycling culture.

  1. I really really need a new computer. As soon as I get a job, I’m buying a MacBook.