I have so many different blogs, sometimes the day’s thoughts go elsewhere. (For some reason, that just reminded me to write and send my dawdlr postcard today.)

Still poking at the dating! story, but I will finish today. I promised myself by the end of the week, and this is it. I’m at 872 words; I need 1200. Technically, I can do that, but, again, the story feels bigger than that. This has happened with every single one so far; this is the fifth I’m writing for submission. 1200 words seems huge, then halfway there it seems easy, then by the time I reach the end, the story’s grown bigger than the word count. Yet, 15k seems impossible. I can’t find a plot to expand to fit that.

When you’re building from the ground up, it takes a couple thousand words to even figure out the character. Then you have to write the story. I think maybe freewriting about character is in order before you even start the real writing of the story. Get a handle of them first. Because, when you’re writing on a deadline, you don’t have time to live with them in your head for years.