IT MIGHT GET LOUD wasn’t exactly what I expected. I expected more actual conversation between the three, for one. But I imagine that’s what happens with documentaries. You set out to do one thing, but then Jimmy Page is playing The Battle of Evermore alone on his mandolin, sitting in front of a British country house, and you don’t want to stop filming. I thought I wanted to hear what these three different generations know about music, but, honestly, I would have watched an hour and a half of Jack White recording to his reel-to-reel and letting us listen to his favourite Son House records. It’s a great movie, bookended by two brilliant scenes. This scene, wherein Jack White makes a guitar out of bits of wood, wire, and a Coke bottle, is how the film starts. So unexpected, yet, at the same time, completely Jack White. It ends with the three of them–Jack White, The Edge, and Jimmy Page–playing an impromptu cover of The Weight over the credits, which is how you win a friend in me for life. It’s what all the best of this world is: exactly what you didn’t know you wanted.