AS THE WORLD TURNS is trying to prove, I think, that when a show no longer has to worry about staying on the air, they can really do something. And Eric Sheffer Stevens, who came into the awful Noah-is-blind storyline, instead of making the most of it and his entirely predictable character (male guest star who interacts with Luke Snyder just happens to be gay!), he’s made it something I genuinely enjoy.

I’m actually rooting for Luke/Reid to end of the show. Noah was a great first love; they got to grow up together. But Reid is the adult relationship Luke needs. I love his confidence and the way he tells Luke things he doesn’t want to hear.

They kissed again this week, and don’t get me wrong, it was good television. But I think the tension of the almost-kisses last week was the hottest thing I’ve seen in daytime. It certainly beats the first time Luke and Noah had sex.

The conversation they have here at 5:00 is my favourite thing right now. “That explains a lot.”