1. I wonder if Great Britain’s hung parliament will finally help Americans understand how the parliamentary system works. Canada has had a hung parliament since 2006, except we call it a minority government, form coalitions, make compromises, then get on with the business of governing.

  2. Every once and a while, a YouTube commenter gives us a gem like, “thats a weird song for two dudes to sing together”

  3. Google Docs doesn’t recognise “texted” as a word.

  4. For a show that’s so smartly meta about television, I wish COMMUNITY had better opening credits.

  5. I realised today that I have too many pseudonyms already. If I’m really back in fandom—and I am, let’s face it. Sometimes, I just want a place to talk about these really specific things that only fit in fandom. I’ll probably write fic again, and I want it to be in my own name. My own fandom name, of course.

  6. It’s May. Don’t all my new projects start in May and November?

  7. I didn’t write at all today, which is depressing. I’ll try to poke at the story a little tonight. I caught up on CSI instead today.

  8. Fandom is my comfort place, but it’s just not doing it for me lately. I think that’s the main motivation behind writing these romance stories. Not only the money, but because I’m not getting it from fandom anymore. I have to make my comfort myself now.