The question is whether I write here when I think of it or at a set time every day. I’m going with the former because I’m just not good with set times.

Reading a post today about how to change your online identity, I started thinking that if I ever felt like reengaging with fandom, it would be with a whole new name. I even created a blog for just that purpose. Not that it would be completely not me; it would just be me not connected to previous stuff. It’s not even that I’m ashamed or I hate the fic I wrote. Some of it I absolutely love and kind of resent that I wrote it for fandom and can’t now turn it into an original work. I don’t want to cheat like that.

It’s not that I don’t love fandom. I do. I can’t fully turn my back on something that’s been a part of my life for more than a decade. But I will always wonder if I hadn’t discovered fandom as an outlet, would I have a novel to publish now?

I probably spent too much time playing video games today. I don’t want to watch the GLEE, really, I just want to listen to the music and, sometimes, see the music in context. But I do like Kurt and Mercedes’s friendship, so I’ll prob still watch. DOCTOR WHO is the best thing on my television right now. I can’t even believe the fans thinking that moment of the Doctor in his jacket is a mistake.