1. I really prefer to watch most television as a marathon, but procedurals the best. I love the few I love because of characters. It’s just that character moments are few and far between. There’s not enough there there to warrant weekly viewing. I like to save up a handful of episodes so that when I watch it feels like I’m watching real people.

  2. I’m catching up on CSI right now, which I haven’t watched since the Laurence Fishburne crossover extravaganza early this season, of which I actually only watched the VEGAS part because I don’t like MIAMI or NEW YORK. Somehow, though, I always seem to stop watching right before the show gives me an amazing Nick episode. 1009 is an amazing Nick and Greg and Hodges and Henry(!) episode. I love Henry! Nick and Greg get to work cases together again! Greg got to tell a Papa Olaf story in 1013, and then, in 1014, they went and debunked fanon that Nick loves country music.

  3. So it turns out I still want fic about those two.