I hoped this would be the next album Ryan Ross would write. Jon needs to learn how to write a chorus, and Defiance should be the single, but I like very much what I’ve heard so far. It’s just really too bad about that crowd. It’s not even the smallest venue, but a very sad and small crowd.

(There were more people crammed into Red Cat for Record Store Day the next afternoon. In my Ladyhawk photos, you can see Dan Mangan shooting from over the wall. While I was writing this entry, he uploaded that video. And this is after Dan finished playing and the peak crowd had cleared.)

It was just such an odd bill. Bad Rabbits doing some kind of poppy soul. I mean, good (dude can sing), and I enjoyed them, but not exactly a match for The Young Veins’s Beach Boys ripoff. And the less said about Foxy Shazam, the better. (It’s true; The Young Veins wasn’t the worst band name on that bill.) But amusing to watch? I don’t know. I don’t need to see every rock’n’roll trick you ever learned in one set.

The whole show felt like three bands with nothing in common. But I really liked The Young Veins, and I hope I clapped loud enough to let them know.