No apologies for my recent NFB spam because they’ve been putting up some amazing things on their YouTube channel lately. (That’s National Film Board of Canada, if you don’t know.)

I wasn’t going to post this, not just yet, at least, because I’m in the middle of watching it right now, but it’s beautifully shot in black and white, and he’s just as crazy and pretentious at 31 as he is now at 75. This is 1965, and he’s a writer and a poet, not quite a singer yet, almost a songwriter. It’s two years before the first album. It’s Cohen taking a deep breath before his whole life changes.

I’m posting this now because, about eight minutes in, he appears on Pierre Berton’s show with fellow poet, Irving Layton, and he says this:

There’s something arrogant and warlike about putting the world in order.

Not a line of his poetry, just the way he speaks. It’s Leonard Cohen’s reason why chaos is good.