YouTube – The Band- Don’t Do It

I don’t know how this blog has lasted this long without me gushing about this song. It’s the first song in The Last Waltz (film), but it’s not on The Last Waltz (album), and it’s actually the last song they did; the last song The Band ever did, really, when you think about it.

This version is from the shows that became their live album, Rock of Ages, and it’s brilliant. (It’s the version on my iPod, and that’s always weird, finally seeing the visual to go with the audio you know so well.)

The Last Waltz version is shorter (and Robbie’s really regretting bronzing his guitar), but The Last Waltz version might be my favourite performance because you get Rick at the beginning, wishing the Americans a happy Thanksgiving, and Robbie at the end, wishing everyone a goodnight, goodbye.


101 Brother’s Keeper, September 16 1984

It seems like it should be superficial to care this much about how a TV show looks, but it’s not. My favourite things on actual TV right now are White Collar (old world fashion and New York City), Gossip Girl (new world fashion and New York City), and The Big Bang Theory (we’ve talked about this before). You have to build a seamless world for your characters to live in, and it doesn’t have to be real for me, it has to be real for them.

So I don’t know what this blog is yet, beyond me loving the crap out of Miami Vice’s worldbuilding and a maybe unhealthy obsession with telephones from the 1980s. That’s what you have to look forward to. After a quick reminder that there are also kickass chicks on this show–that would be Gina in the sequins, Trudy in the polka dots. It’s not all about Crockett and Tubbs; it’s about their world.

(Definitely Miami, by the way, is the name of the episode starring Ted Nugent. Feel free to play along with the game I’m calling Spot the Rock Star.)

PS. I revived this blog at Miami, Definitely.