YouTube – Steve Coogan does “The Undertaker” from “Monty Python – Almost the Truth – The Lawyer’s Cut”

From memory.

In the new doc about Monty Python (which, for the record, they can keep making these docs until the rest of the troupe dies off because I never get tired of hearing the stories), Coogan explains how it was his job to reenact the show for anyone who hadn’t seen it the night before. No VCRs, and certainly no Tivos, in those days.

The better scene isn’t online, but it’s Coogan doing the Piranha Brothers sketch, intercut with the actual Piranha Brothers sketch. He does the Michael Palin bit, my favourite. It’s 2:10, here.

American poetry still suffers from the mania for over-interpretation. The technical term for this ailment is objective correlativitus. It attacks poets in their late 30s, and is especially prevalent in New England; elms are thought to be carriers.

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