It was billed An Evening with Joel Plaskett because it wasn’t a normal rock concert at all. No drummer, just drums, and guitars, guitars, guitars. A lot of stories, turning into poetry, turning into songs, so we were never sure if Joel was telling us a story or singing us a song.

Instead of an opening act, he brought his dad and his friends on tour, and mostly they backed up Joel’s songs, but sometimes they sang their own.

His dad, Bill Plaskett, played a song he wrote when he arrived in Canada, in Vancouver, where, as Joel put it, “My pa met my ma.” He put the song on a cassette and then lost track of it. When Joel asked his dad to sing that song on this tour, he also admitted to stealing that cassette.

The album’s called THREE, there are three of them, and it’s three short of 30 songs. (Get one of those missing songs here, with the password, no surprise, three.”) He sang us a lot of those new songs, and the titles come in threes, too. All the notes I wrote look like this: deny3, pine3, heartless3.

But he played us the old stuff, too. “Nowhere With You,” which made the girls behind me very happy, and everyone sang, and the drunk boys behind me declared their love for Joel very loudly, and because it’s Vancouver, Joel reached back to Thrush Hermit and sang “The Day We Hit the Coast.”

I’ve spent much of today going through the pictures, listening to the new album (and the old ones and Thrush Hermit), and writing this review, because I couldn’t come up with a way to say it was a really good show without just saying, it was a really good show. But it was. Thanks, Joel.