1. MERLIN is great, but the behind the scenes stuff is better. Time to admit there might be a reason I like Arthur and Merlin in a modern AU setting.

  2. Spencer Smith is going through a pretty embarrassing frat boy phase that I can’t particularly begrudge him for because he is only 21 and didn’t get a chance to go to college. It just means that the next story I write might be a little different than the first.

  3. I read Cleve Jones’s memoir, which is half about him and half about the AIDS quilt project he started, but I still read the thing with one eye to the pieces of canon between the lines for my favourite MILK characters. (You may remember them as the two boys making out in the darkroom.) And there’s actually some good stuff in there! Dick ran Cleve’s campaign for Assemblyman in the ’80s!

  4. Every show I watch is on Monday, so I get epically behind pretty fast. But here are some thoughts, in order of timeslot: I’m not crazy about where CHUCK is headed. On the other hand, if BIG BAND THEORY isn’t headed in the Penny/Sheldon direction, I don’t know what’s going on. Still loving GOSSIP GIRL. I might give up CASTLE; Nathan Fillion’s face alone isn’t worth the effort.

  5. KINGS! Dammit, I wish I liked the David more, but the Jonathan? Yes. Ian McShane isn’t enough to carry this show for me, though he makes a valiant effort.

  6. I really want a literature fandom. There are pages missing from Mary Shelley’s journal–the exact time she and Shelley and Byron and Claire spent in Geneva. William Carlos Williams flamed Eliot because Eliot didn’t write him back, then went and called Williams’s work “American.” Dorothy Parker/Robert Benchley=OTP. I was in school for a long time, OK? There’s a lot more of this.