1. I was kind of resolved to see if I could go a whole month not posting on LJ, to see how much content I could post instead to Twitter and Tumblr. I did not lay in bed until 4AM, poking and pondering my future in fandom, not at all.

  2. [cranky complaining about lack of good fic redacted]

  3. I am very amused that DW imported my old tags with my old entries, even though I deleted them all last year when I started writing big posts with lots of topics.

  4. I’m inclined to let LJ go. I’ve been following along the last few months, and this seems to me where the wind is going. I’ll use it for reading, not for posting, and when you’re all posting to DW, too, that’s where I’ll read. I’ve got too many sites to keep track of already. And, because I am still going to write fic, I still want to keep it separate from my name, but that’s a one-way thing, you know? The people here, I’m happy to let you know who I am on the other side of the curtain. It’s prospective employers over there that I worry about.

  5. Summary: I’m on dreamwidth, I still like reading your posts, writing fic, but I’m probably on Twitter.