Mr. Isherwood, would you like to come in the living room and talk to a few young people?

Cleve Jones, to Christopher Isherwood, at “a stuffy affair” in the early 1980s. Isherwood replied, “I suppose I must.”

As we passed each other, one of them said, ‘Too many goddamn queers in Sacramento.’ That struck me oddly, because I’d been looking everywhere and I felt there were far too few queers in Sacramento.


Gus asked me who I wanted to play my role in the movie and I said River Phoenix. Smiling indulgently, he said that’s what he’s been thinking, but he didn’t know if River was into it. One day the phone rang and it was River and he said, “Oh, you’re the guy I’m going to play in the movie.” We’re going to have to get together,” I said. I’ve got to teach you how to kiss.” He just laughed and said, Cool.”

Cleve Jones, recounting a scene from the first time Gus Van Sant tried to make MILK, STITCHING A REVOLUTION (216)