1. When I’m writing, I’m not blogging, and I have trouble reading, too. I’m halfway through a month of 700 words a day, and it’s hard enough getting that, so I’m forgiving myself letting everything else go.

  2. Of course, when I’m writing, there’s lots of time for procrastinating. I’ve been using Fandom Secrets rather than actual fic, because it’s images, so it wastes minutes, not hours. I’ve noticed, recently, an exponential increase in secrets about historic people and literary characters, something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. Why aren’t the Shelleys a fandom, is what I want to know.

  3. I discovered fandom at such a young and formative age, it coloured the way I interact with all media. I wrote papers in university comparing Lear’s disinheritance of Cordelia to a social network defriending, and my favourite class was an independent study connecting Tony Kushner to Tennessee Williams. I can never take just one book out of the library because if I’m reading a novel, I also like to read the bio, the letters, the historical context. I heart Wikipedia for its connections, not its facts. I make the same obsessive projects, like the summer I read only and all William Carlos Williams. I am always already in lit fandom. I want to do more with that.

  4. But I don’t imagine I’ll be doing it here. I’m kind of over lj, and I don’t think I’m alone there. Fandom is shifting, definitely. I might move to dreamwidth (I’m really meh on the name); I might move my fic to the AOOO. I will certainly keep writing fan fiction, but most of my blogging will happen under my real name. It’s already been nearly a month since I had something to say here that I didn’t already say on Twitter.