My photos are on Flickr, headlines written on Twitter, digital curation at facts are nothing, and longer copy posted at vanishing city, both hosted by Tumblr. All of these can be found and explored through my portfolio at Delicious. I do my best writing at vanishing city, thinking out loud as a way to develop abstracts into something physical. I collect my best photos into sets at Flickr. I’m very proud of this spontaneous project of the view from the Skytrain. It’s had me thinking a lot more about Vancouver and the river. More recently, after observing how Mary Shelley’s journal resembles the syntax of the web, I created her an account on Twitter. Also, I really like doing the crossword. The internet is about making connections, compare and contrast. I found my voice there, online, and I want to put it to work offline, pull together the disparate threads of my knowledge. I want to make great things.