1. Like I mentioned, I watched all of the BBC ROBIN HOOD the other week. I thought I’d see what they’d done with it after watching MERLIN. While it’s subtexty to the point of text, I’m not compelled to fandom. The characters weren’t quite right for me, granted my formative ROBIN HOOD is Disney’s. I loved the Robin, but everyone else just felt like they were there.

  2. But it did send me on a nostalgic Disney segue, watching my favourites, all from the ’60s and ’70s era: ROBIN HOOD, 101 DALMATIANS, THE ARISTOCATS. Then OLIVER & COMPANY, because I’ve been on this Billy Joel kick lately.

  3. I kinda liked HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. I don’t even know.

  4. I came out of MILK finally, actually, getting Sean Penn’s crush on Emile Hirsch. He enthralled me in this movie.