The only resolution I’m making this year is this: finish. There’s nothing wrong with a work in progress, but, eventually, it needs to stop being in progress and just be a work. Of course, I’m starting with the little things first, the things almost done. It’s a nice rush of accomplishment to carry you into the big things next.

Today, watching ADAM’S RIB, I finished scanning this set of 1975 Betty Crocker recipe cards I found in the basement. There are certainly more horrific recipes to showcase–stews made with weiners and boeuf en gelée–but my mom actually made this apple tree cake. She always made us a cake for our birthdays. I remembered this wasn’t mine–my youngest brother, I’m sure–but couldn’t recall which year. I asked her, just now, and she thinks maybe it was for his second birthday because, “Everyone got a teddy bear for their first.”