1. I watched MERLIN! It only took two days. It’s a nice background show for me–pretty boys whom the writers seem actually invested in showing how they’re friends, Tony Head chewing scenery, a short British season.

  2. Did you know that I don’t like sci-fi/fantasy/comics? I know this must seem odd, considering how much of internet fandom is made up of sci-fi/fantasy/comics sources, considering I discovered fandom through THE X-FILES, I first wrote in SMALLVILLE, and have spent the last few years in STARGATE ATLANTIS, but it’s really not my favourite. My SGA tag used to be “is this the future?” a Joe Flanigan quote. I was right there with him. There’s some great stuff in MERLIN when the camera zooms in to focus on two characters, but pull out too far and it’s too much CGI for me.

  3. I don’t know. Is CHUCK the closest I get to genuinely enjoying the speculative genre? No, I suppose that would be DOCTOR WHO, but even he roams too far for me sometimes.

  4. My favourite thing to write is stories about groups of artists. I finished making a chapbook today of a story of a band I have had written for a few years now. If there’s music involved, I’m in.