1. I refresh my reading list a lot. And it’s really tiny, so about 50% of those refreshes are unnecessary. Either I need to check less or you guys need to post more.

2. While I cultivate my new habit of not reading blogs, I’m working on daydreaming more. This morning was lost to my early morning realisation that Jack Harkness=Don Draper.

3. Tomorrow, I take over diedandreborn again. In February, I’ll be writing at least 600 words every day, remixing rossetti‘s Jon/Ryan stories. In March, I’m writing 700(!) words a day of pairing #3: Brendon/Ryan.

4. If I knew this was gonna be a thing, I totally would have saved Jon/Spencer for the last month when I’m hoping to be writing 1000(!) words a day. Which brings me to:

5. I have 999 of my 1000 words!

6. It’s just as bad as having 63, believe me.

invisible airwaves

I’ve been thinking a lot about this moment from The West Wing: The second pill cost ‘em four cents; the first pill cost ’em four hundred million dollars. The second pill costs four cents because we’ve figured it out and now it’s easy. Except, instead of looking ahead to how easy it’ll be to publish once I get the prototype and the process down, I have this feeling of being tied to the first edition, but, god, magazines redesign themselves all the time. This is really just me telling myself I can do this even if I don’t have a logo.

This is a really annoying kind of perfectionism. I couldn’t have the one that gets you straight As?

1. So I did have an Inauguration story! I had completely forgotten about this tiny Ryan and Spencer scene I wrote almost right after Fredericksburg. It’s now exactly 1000 words long, which is annoying because it doesn’t fit my picfor1000 prompt at all. But you should still totally read it.

Title: Galena
Fandom: Panic at the West Wing
Pairing: Ryan, Spencer
Rating: PG
Words: 1000
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me.
Notes: for wethepeople.

If Spencer doesn’t sit, he doesn’t have to admit this is his office. Not yet.

Two Wikipedia descriptions of two novels by Peter Cameron

The City of Your Final Destination: “Most of the story takes place in a small town in Uruguay. However, the Uruguay of the novel bears little relation to the geography or culture of the real country.”

Andorra: “The story takes place in the small country of Andorra, which is located in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain. However, the Andorra of the novel bears little relation to the geography or culture of the real country.”