In a scary way, I have no idea what I’m doing with my life after December 10. I finally decided doing an MA right now is not what I want. I need to start making the things I love and seeing if the world will love them enough to let me making a living. Things I know for sure right now: my final final final exam is December 10, Christmas is December 25, I will be in LA for New Year’s Eve, when I will also turn 27. Because of the dollar, I don’t know if my grandparents are making their annual trek south, so I don’t know if I get my three months of housesitting that makes the nine months of still living with my parents bearable. I have my student job, which is enough money to get around, and I have some ideas. 2009 might be great.

The same way that I changed as a writer when I started keeping a regular, constant, always with me, place I write everything down notebook in 2000, after high school, I changed again when I started using Google Docs in earnest. I don’t have a notebook right now, just a pad of lined paper, a pen, a date stamp, a list of gdocs, and my typewriter. So we’ll see.