I was right, and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS IS good again. I watched three episodes last night (broken up with Chuck–still awesome even without Awesome–and GOSSIP GIRL–veering back towards the books; do we get baby Yale soon? and gay experimenting Chuck?), but I don’t want to wait that long again. Matt and Julie flirt with their feet! That dinner table scene just makes me crave the future where they’re married and come over for Sunday dinners and Coach is still prickly and unsure about Matt, even though the first grandchild was totally a son. Jason Street made me cry (I love Riggins so much more with 6 than with Lyla), I’ve been singing “She don’t use jelly” all day, and One-Two might turn out to be a good kid after all. Grandma Saracen attacks Coach in the supermarket. Oh, oh, Coach and Mrs. Coach at the school dance. Best married couple on TV, maybe in real life, too. Maybe forever.