Not only is sntranscripts a collection of simple and nicely formatted transcripts, but the tags! I was looking for that bit where Dan explains how he sometimes takes a vacation from doing the right thing, and I couldn’t remember the A-plot, but I was sure it was the same episode where he wants to grow a goatee (because I love that bit where Casey says, “Swear to God, you could run for Congress and win,” because I still so want to see that). And there is a goatee tag! And choreoanimater and helsinki is in finland and soshi suntac rts iii. It’s just kind of brilliant.

You don’t want to know how close I am to stealing the idea for THE WEST WING. I can’t find that bit where Sam is on the phone and wants Toby to let him guess where Air Force One is right now. Because Sam is a nerd. (Aha! 312: The Two Bartlets.)