me: i just found a note in my copy of machiavelli

her: used?

me: no, no, it’s my writing
me: i bought the book this semester
me: but i don’t remember that at all
me: it doesn’t seem to be lyrics
me: oh, wait
me: lyricsmania.com/lyrics/slow_club_lyrics_43028/ other_lyrics_76557/when_i_go_lyrics_817863.html
me: i have never heard of this band

her: huh
her: this is an interesting mystery

me: hypem.com/track/574620/Slow+Club- When+I+Go+%28live+on+WTOTS%29
me: i don’t know where i heard it, but it’s a pretty good song
me: mystery solved! me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBXPpZd6680
me: damn, how much do i love the internet?
me: it’s a ritz cracker commercial


me: it’s where all the kids are finding new music these days