1. TV! All my TV is on Sunday and Monday this season, and all my classes are on Monday this semester, so I’m watching all my TV on Tuesday morning. Then writing about it on Wednesday night, apparently.

  2. Despite being a soapy prime time soap opera, I really enjoy BROTHERS & SISTERS. I enjoy most of the characters and downright love Rob Lowe on my TV again. But this new McCallister-hires-Kevin-development is the last two seasons completely paying off for me. If you’ve been missing THE WEST WING, this is where it’s gonna be at for the rest of the season.

  3. CHUCK is still the smartest show on TV. This week, they just fit the spies and the Buy More so well together. Nicole Richie was pretty good! And there’s been a nice, manageable amount of Morgan this season. Good job!

  4. So, I’m all about Chuck Bass on GOSSIP GIRL this season. His wardrobe has been fantastic, and I love his relationship with Eric, and the thing with Dan and now Nate is seriously the stuff. This is one of the few shows that completely satisfies me in that area. I even like Dan and Serena broken up!

  5. Despite Joe Flanigan taking off his shirt (which was nice! don’t get me wrong), I haven’t saved an episode of SGA after downloading and watching it since The Shrine.

  6. So, I hear FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is good again?