1. Here is a great comm you might not know about: sntranscripts. Not only is it a collection of simple and nicely formatted transcripts, but the tags! I was looking for that bit where Dan explains how he sometimes takes a vacation from doing the right thing, and I couldn’t remember the A-plot, but I was sure it was the same episode where he wants to grow a goatee (because I love that bit where Casey says, Swear to God, you could run for Congress and win, because I still so want to write that). And there is a goatee tag! And choreoanimater and helsinki is in finland and soshi suntac rts iii. It’s just kind of brilliant.

2. You don’t want to know how close I am to stealing the idea for The West Wing. I can’t find that bit where Sam is on the phone and wants Toby to let him guess where Air Force One is right now. Because Sam is a nerd. (Aha! 312: The Two Bartlets.)

3. If I hadn’t already fallen, the cover of Panic’s upcoming live DVD would have done it. And then Northern Downpour. Let’s assume I’m won, boys, and you can stop killing me now.

4. Somewhere, there is a world where the Jonas Brothers were discovered by Pete Wentz instead of Disney.

to the beat, y'all

My throat has been a little scratchy all week, and then, this morning, my stomach joined in the fun. So, I decided, on the bus, to take a break from school. I would still go, sit in the classroom, and I would still listen. But I wasn’t going to make myself talk when no one else did, like I usually do.

I was reminded of Dan Rydell and his vacation from doing the right thing.

I don’t loot store fronts or anything, but once in awhile when I consider the effort it takes to diligently adhere to a moral compass, I take myself out of the lineup and I rest for the next game.

I just didn’t want to have to be the smartest kid in the room today.

Of course, this was on the bus to school. Then I ended up volunteering to be a director for our group Shakespeare performance. I threw in one for nothing.

1. How is this not a song about William Beckett coming out of the closet: “I’m not in love / This is not my heart / I’m not gonna waste these words / About a girl”?

2. With Dan and Serena broken up, Jenny and Nate together, I really hope they’ll pull one more real canon storyline from the books and let Chuck have his gay phase now. It’s perfect timing with Blair and, also, sweeps. It gives something for Eric to do, too.

3. Here is the synopsis to an obscure Burt Reynolds movie I think would make great bandom AU:

W.W. is a happy-go-lucky crook who makes his living robbing gas stations through the drive-up windows. The Dixie Dancekings are a country music band trying to get their first big break. W.W. crosses paths with the Dixie Dancekings when he hijacks their car (and them) to help him rob a bank. At first, the band resists. However, when they discover how much money they make, they begin helping out voluntarily in order to finance their big break. At the same time, W.W. takes a liking to them and uses his natural charm and smooth-talking ways to help them start down the road to stardom.

4. When Pete finally starts making movies with all his friends, something like The Great Race, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, or Cannonball Run would be the perfect place to start.

4. I watched Chuck this morning, then didn’t realise I don’t have “Tom Sawyer” on my iPod until after I got to work. Unfair.

5. Every notebook I have starts with a line from a song, whatever I’m listening to when I start the book. I started this one in line for Cobras last week, and it starts like this: oh I’m ready for it c’mon bring it.

6. Standing in line with those kids, I felt tall, which I am not, and underdressed, which I very much was. In my jeans and dark blue sneakers, grey t-shirt and khaki jacket, I felt very much like the Jon Walker of the band.

7. Least efficient door ever! It’s an all ages show, there are five separate doors, why did it take 40 minutes to get into the venue?

8. Three opening acts I did not know and did not like. Let’s dispense with them quickly, shall we?. Sing It Loud: very loud; and the crowd screamed like they were the Beatles; 2 skinny white boys with long blonde hair; black kid on keyboards with dreams of being a frontman; their bass player was working the line earlier, guilting girls into buying their album. Hit the Lights: this is when I first smelled pot; moshing? really?; is there such a thing as popcore?; “oh oh oh” lyrics, but a singer who thinks he’s Eminem. Forever the Sickest Kids: I’m sorry, but are we just not trying with band names anymore?; they’ve never been to Vancouver before and their attempts to win us over felt desperate; he kept telling us we were foxy; this is when I saw the first hand heart.

9. As much as I didn’t love the crowd, I loved their outfits. They made me want to start a blog.

10. Overheard: “If I were a guy, I’d look like Trace Cyrus.”

11. Cobra Starship! They completely made up for the four hours. (For me. I saw a lot of people leave after the Kids.) Gabe talked A LOT about how much he loves his band and his life and their fans and how they went from being openers to headliners at the same venue in just a few years. He talked A LOT, period. About learning to dance from Bobby Brown’s Dance Moves on VHS (then about how his fans are too young to know Bobby Brown), about how dancing and colour makes him happy, and about how they just want people to come out and have fun. For having two albums, they didn’t play a lot of songs, but I knew them all, so I was happy. And that’s exactly what Gabe wanted.

1. I get weird about the internet every once and a while, but luckily I can just locked down old blog posts instead of deleting them in a fit of pique.

2. Because sometimes it’s hard to say things in public. Like there’s a boy I have the most ridiculous crush on right now. Or maybe I’m just crushing on his haircut. It’s the coolest moddish cut–dirty blonde, short in the back and long in front, and he twists it in his fingers like a nervous habit. It makes my stomach feel funny.


I spent about half of today reading mediocre Nick/Greg fic. Mediocre fic is so much worse than badfic. It’s not actually bad enough to send me to the back button, so I have to read all 14 parts to see if it gets better, and it never never does.

me: i just found a note in my copy of Machiavelli that says “if we’re both not married by 23 will you make my year and just ask me”
Megan: used?
Megan: 23?
me: no, no, it’s my writing
me: i bought the book this semester
me: but i don’t remember that at all
me: it doesn’t seem to be lyrics
me: oh, wait
me: lyricsmania.com/lyrics/slow_club_lyrics_43028/
me: i have never heard of this band
Megan: huh
Megan: this is an interesting mystery
me: hypem.com/track/574620/Slow+Club-
me: i don’t know where i heard it, but it’s a pretty good song
me: mystery solved!
me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBXPpZd6680
me: damn, how much do i love the internet?
me: it’s a ritz cracker commercial
me: it’s where all the kids are finding new music these days