The shadows puppets stole the show. You’ll see I have more pictures of the stuff behind Feist than Feist. I don’t know if Christine Fellows started it, but I’m loving the shadow-art-set-to-music trend. At one point, the artist trained the projector on the piano, and everyone gathered around with their guitars.

It was a really mellow show, kind of a perfect match for the cool night after the hot day and the sit-on-the-grass venue. As expected, “1234” and “I feel it all” got the biggest responses, but a girl standing right behind me was very enthusiastic about “So Sorry.” At least she could sing.

“Sea Lion Woman” closed the first set and was my hands-down favourite of the night. That is a rock number. I’m not sure I noticed that before.

I’m really disappointed I missed The Weakerthans. This is the second time I’ve had tickets and not made the show. The anticipation is killing me.