I love the Skytrain, but almost none of the reasons have to do with ease of transportation. The train was first built when Expo came to Vancouver in 1986. It was a novelty. It was an attraction. Then Expo ended, and the city tried to graft a viable public transit system onto an amusement park ride.

Still, it’s a fascinating ride. I sat in the first car of one of the old, original Expo trains, in the trundle seat, on a sunny clear day, shooting blindly through the dirty window. I couldn’t have asked for better photos. The set is maybe my favourite thing I’ve ever shot.

A mother, with her young son in her arms, sat next to me a few stations into the trip. Each time a train passed us, going the other way, taking people from the suburbs to the city as we left the city for home, the boy made the best sound. He couldn’t quite talk, but he could say, Beep beep. Every time.

It takes 39 minutes to ride the Skytrain from terminus to terminus. Beep beep.