1. Horribly remiss w/ feedback lately. How do people feel about a message saying, OMG I just saved all your stories to my computer to read again and again?

2. Trying to get back on the delicious horse (awesome band name). How do people feel about using their LJ name as their author name? It’s just the way I remember who you are.

3. Barely writing, hardly reading. It’s all Olympics and YouTube, at the moment. I don’t know how I feel about that.

Sing Like Kreek

My favourite story of these Olympics may appear, at first, to be three stories, but are, in fact, intertwined, referencing and turning back on themselves, as the best stories do.

When the Men’s Eight won their gold and stood on the dock–their podium–they sang louder than I’ve heard anyone sing any anthem ever. Adam Kreek, the loudest, without a care for talent or tune. Simon Whitfield was watching, too, and wrote himself a message on his handlebars for the triathlon the next day: Sing Like Kreek. Whitfield didn’t win gold, but he won silver, battling back again and again to stay in contention. Helping to ensure Whitfield’s chance to battle was Colin Jenkins, crossing the finish line in 50th place–last place–but celebrating down the home stretch as if he himself had won the medal. Because he did.

Because that’s what the Olympics are about.

1. Today’s Jessica-tells-herself-a-story-on-the-train was all about Jon Walker having a tattoo and Spencer trying to get a look at it w/o giving away that he’s trying to get a look at it. So now I have an OTP.

2. I went to Granville Island to see As You Like It, which means mostly what I was thinking on the way home was Panic at the Globe. Decaydance as a repertory company!

3. They did As You Like It in the 1950s. The Duke is banished by the FBI, the songs are spoken by Beatniks with bongos, and Orlando keeps humming, “why must I be a teenager in love?” And yet people still don’t understand when I explain fan fiction as a way to explore the characters we love in different environments.

4. There’s something wrong w/ your As You Like It, I think, if Touchstone isn’t stealing the show.

5. “Tonight, Tonight” is such a formative song for me. I must have it burned in my brain b/c today, on the train, was the first time I noticed that Brendon sings, “the place where Jon was born.” I might have laughed out loud?

6. Zombies walking down Vancouver streets w/o satisfactory explanation and never when I had my camera out.

7. Have I said this before? Or was it just on Twitter? I really want Panic to do the whole of Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love album. The first half is stacked w/ hits, then it descends into this epic concepty thing about witches and clouds. It’s this or I start writing Ryan Ross=Kate Bush. Bands as other bands, dude.