The thing is that I always loved the Idea of The Ramones more than The Ramones. I like their music fine, but I only need a handful of songs to get me by. I loved the artifice more: the jackets and jeans, the haircuts and names. Same thing goes for The Hives–remember The Hives? The Swedish guys who all wore suits? I don’t remember the name of their hit, but I remember those suits. The Donnas aren’t really named Donna, but they want you to think so.

My daydream about being in a band is about music, yes, but I don’t play an instrument. I don’t have songs in my notebooks or in my fingers, but hundreds of names and titles and covers and videos. If I ever started a band, we’d have a different name each album. We’d have different names each album. We’d wear different hats and sing different kinds of songs.

I really love music, but I just don’t how to make it. I can make all the rest, though. Oh, that’s who I want to be. I want to be the Astrid Kirchherr to somebody’s The Beatles.