TERMINAL BALLROOM was always about a songwriter and a choreographer and the variety show they produced in 1940s Vancouver. Now, it actually is a variety show.

I don’t know if I have a novel in me, but the opening sentence would be awesome. I’ve tried to write one acts, only to stall after the perfect five minutes. My notebooks are a collection of one-liners in search of an epic. But, in a variety show, the one-liner is the epic. Five minutes is nearly too long. One awesome opening sentence can make the show.

TERMINAL is barely thirty minutes as it stands. But I love those characters. There’s a pretty good plot holding them together. Shove in some songs and jokes and girls dressed as cigarettes dancing across the stage, and I think we’ve got a show.

It’s vaudeville for me, I guess. If that doesn’t work, there’s always advertising and even shorter attention spans.