Here are two LJ Haikus that I like a lot:

marshall might even
be my boyfriend also i
have a complete list

is so much of it
none of it none of it is
jack and none of it

In order of how I wrote it in my notebook on the way out of the theatre and in the restaurant after The X-Files: I Want to Believe:

1. on the cellphone: Gilligan, Bowman, Shiban
2. Two 60 yr old women sitting up front making noises like 12 yr old girls. They were the ones saying, “Oh, boo!” at the end.
3. Craziest credits ever.
4. I kind of feel like I can’t explain my reaction without a bit of fannish history. I was 13. This show introduced me to fandom. This show introduced me to slash. I was never a Mulder/Scully shipper, but this movie did what 9 seasons never could: it turned me into one.
5. I went into Indiana Jones the same way I went into this movie. Both are hugely important icons of my childhood and both disappointed me, but I could watch Kingdom of the Crystal Skull again.
6. I can’t tell. Will there be another one?
7. I wasn’t a Mulder/Skinner shipper either, but even I can appreciate that moment.
8. Callum Keith Rennie gets a third role in the ‘verse. A record?
9. I adore the way Scully says, “We’re people who come home at night.”
10. Fish tank!
11. The Bush thing was so silly.
12. They banked too heavily on me just being happy to see the characters.
13. Scully got hotter. I liked Mulder with the beard.

1. Here is a song–Christine Fellows, Vertabrae, “why, when you know you should go / is it so hard to leave”–and here is the story I think a lot about writing to go with it–The West Wing, the moment each person left from the POV of the next person to leave.

2. I have time to write, but this notebook is so new. I have no notes. The stories that are in these pages aren’t quite stories yet. They don’t know what they want to be.