Thank you for downloading HOWL.

A lot of individuals have been saying they would have paid for HOWL. But you know what? We would rather have you spend that money on CDRs and burn copies for friends and family. Music is about sharing. And if that still doesn’t seem right, very soon Empires will be selling HOWL on iTunes with extra unreleased songs were part of the proceeds will be donated to a charity.

This is the new business model, and I’m inclined to love any band who embraces that, regardless their music.

HOWL was completely crafted by Empires. We always felt that the more we can do on our own, the better off we are.

Like a bunch of kids who took “Let’s put on a show” way too far, but I love that. It makes me want to start a band, but I don’t sing and I don’t play guitar. So, I’ll just keep working on my weird little art projects and see where that goes.