I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a new domain name, something that works as an umbrella for myself, as well as any creative ventures I may undertake. houseoftext.com feels so limiting these days. I’ve had something of a being-a-writer crisis lately, and text is text, and I want to make more. I had the thought to call a zine Mayfly, putting it out when I can, no formal schedule. Like the mayfly, it’s short-lived. It will be reborn, but there’s no hurry. It is ephemeral. Mayfly Designs, The Mayfly Shop, Mayfly Academy–but, you know, I am not that kind of girl. That kind of girl strikes me as someone who sells candles and names them after Dragonflies and Appleblossoms. I enjoy the metaphor, but not the sign. I’m back to my mild obsession with the postal system, with private schools, with the industrial, and, I wish Chris Walla hadn’t named his album Field Manual, because I want it.