Lorenzo was hailed by his grateful city

What about something called Studiolo? A workshop with an architect, a painter, a sculptor, a writer, and throw in a couple of apprentices. Their patron is always dropping by to check on his commissions and to complain about how much great art costs these days. Some sweeps highlights include: the first full-size bronze nude since Roman times, the first time someone paints on canvas, a group project cathedral, and the inevitable overthrow of the patron’s powerful family.

I’ve always been easily intrigued by new things, but I never would have guessed the Italian Renaissance would be next. I still love you American Modernism, I swear!

I’ve been bored with fandom these last months, looking around for something to distract me during various hiatuses and finding nothing much. (Obviously, this has nothing to do with the people on my flist. You guys can stay.) I came close to deleting this journal last week, but went friends-only instead. I don’t know–I’m just bored.

The Sentinel is on Space in the afternoons now. I didn’t know that. I turned the TV on last week, on my first real day off, and there it was. The one with the flashbacks, with Jim and his moustache and his earring and his sleeveless shirts. Like someone knew I needed exactly this right now. This episode has the much iconned moment of Jim holding Blair back with a hand on his chest. There’s Blair cooking dinner, making sure Jim eats. There’s Blair, alone, at the funeral of Jim’s ex-partner, and Jim, watching from afar, and the partner’s ex, and, tell me, after the credits roll, she doesn’t say to Jim, watching Blair, “We’ll be OK, Jim. We have people who love us,” and Jim says, “Yeah, we do,” and Blair waves, even though he has no idea what’s going on, and Jim waves back, because they’re both such dorks.

Apparently, I missed TV. I posted a lot this week. But I have no idea what I’ll post tomorrow. It might be about The O.C. because I really want to watch those first eight episodes again. It might be wondering aloud if writing She & Him fic is technically RPF if I use their pseudonyms instead of their real names (and do I call it bandom?). It might be more whining about the state of Brothers & Sisters fic or why Dan Humphrey isn’t a real person and, also, sitting next to me in the library.

I’ve been trying to get some traction on some original fiction ideas, but I keep running into the same obstacle. I don’t want to write the canon–I just want the fandom. Obviously, I’m not going anywhere.

> Rob Lowe is killing me with his denim shirt tucked in and then the tux with the part in his hair oh my god. And the convention speech where he is going to kick so much ass. I might have waved my hands around and kicked my feet, but you can’t prove anything.

> I’ll just, for the record, renew my request that Berlanti give Brad Whitford a job, thankyouverymuch.

> Also, I don’t think I give Steven Weber enough love. Last week, his reaction to witnessing his first Walker fight, was adorable. I like Steven Weber a lot, and I hope his character sticks around. I can’t watch Studio 60 again for at least a year, and I can’t find Wings to download, so, if he could stay, that would be great.

> My greatest hope is that, one day, someone will propose to me like Kevin proposed to Scotty tonight: matter-of-fact and completely unaware that he’s doing it.

I didn’t post this last night because it was kind of silly, and it’s still silly, but I’m still thinking about it, so. The Doctor/Ross, anyone?