If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve noticed that I really like the new Panic at the Disco album. I really really like it. And I’m not saying anything more, but if people want to leave me links to their favourite Brendan/Ryan making-the-album stories, they would not be unwelcome.

> Was that someone’s idea of an Ianto episode? Because after Tosh’s and Gwen’s and Owen’s two, I’m not happy with this being the Ianto-centric ep of the season.

> You, sir, are no “Blink.” I’m not at all scared of the cans of film in my grandparents’s basement.

> Not that Torchwood will ever stack up, for me, against something written by Aaron Sorkin or David Simon, but, man, this season’s writing is much worse than last. We get it! Cinema killed the travelling show star! Find a new way to say it, Jack.

> Thank God for boys in nice suits with their sleeves rolled up.

Steven Moffatt says the best thing in the Doctor Who Confidential about “Blink.” He says that he knows when he has a great idea for a Doctor Who when, immediately after, he thinks, I’ve just blown that movie idea.

I got that feeling watching SGA’s finale. They blow a lot of ideas on this show. This idea of sending John in the future didn’t fit at all with the Teyla arc. It’s an awesome idea, but it could have been so much more awesome if it had come at the climax of his arc, rather than hers. Like so many episodes before it, they tried to pack way too much into 43 minutes, and they didn’t do it well. There’s definitely a way they could have better dealt with that exposition.

It could have made a great movie. Or, rather, because I love TV more than film, it could have made a great series. Old Rodney, the cranky hologram who can’t touch anything. John going crazy and fashioning planes out of coconuts dead laptops and ZPMs.

I didn’t know until right now how much Red Dwarf has coloured my vision of science fiction.