some wouldn't tell

I am attempting, this coming year, a daily planner. It’s this one, and, already, I’m looking forward to having the past years stacked up on a shelf somewhere, the year stamped in silver on the spine. There’s a place to mark down the weather and the temperature and monthly expenses categorised into hotels, meals, cabs, parking, and misc. Misc. might well be the only column I ever fill. Under each day (month spelled out in English et Français), it tells you how many days have passed and how many are left in the year. A nice dark blue hardcover and pages I can’t wait to fill. I just might stick with it.

we've had our hopes and fears

You don’t get to see a whole lot of what Joe Turner does for the CIA before his section is hit at the beginning of Three Days of the Condor. They read books, everything that gets written around the world, and make sure it’s not too close to the truth. The sign outside says American Literary Historical Society. It’s a good title, I think, for the show we didn’t get to see: the nerds the CIA hires, but keeps in non-descript buildings, reading spy novels, and saving the world behind their desks, in their wirerims and sweatervests.

I haven’t seen last two episodes of CSI yet, but I had to look up the numbers to download, and Warrick is addicted to pills? Oh, TV, did we learn nothing from Kirsten Cohen’s surprise drinking problem?

You guys, there was this really well done comic battle blog, where two artists drew superheroes that one-upped the last. I remember one exchange being a boot and then the one that beat him was made of gum. I might have discovered it through Dean Trippe, but I cannot find the link. This sound familiar to anyone?

ETA: There it is: The Superest.

I got my first laptop when I graduated high school (um, almost 9 years ago, holy crap), so I’ve never needed to print out my porn. Right about the time I was getting into SGA, my second laptop started to fall apart, physically, where I couldn’t do anything with it unless it was on a hard, level surface, with something behind the screen to hold it up. The iBook is all better now, has been for a while, but, today, cleaning out my room, I found these four stories, printed three columns to a loose leaf page and stapled in the corner.

Neighboring Solitudes by chelle
The Sheriff and the Physicist by Sandy
Advantage by Resonant
Proof by Contradiction by shalott

I’m shredding them now, but that doesn’t mean I love them any less.