Now that urgent essay deadlines are gone, I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel I’m only passing the time until “Miller’s Crossing.”

don't hold me back

“If someone asks,” Vince said suddenly, standing up, “what I’ve done with my life, what’ll I say? Surfed the Point and taught math?” He shook his head with a laugh. “Raw mediocrity.” – Daniel Duane, Caught Inside (49)

This was the last line I read before I got off my bus this morning. I wrote it at the top of the next blank page in my notebook, dooming myself to a three-hour class spent daydreaming about the story of a surf town.The town doesn’t have a name yet, but it looks a lot like Tofino. There’s the shack where you can sign up for lessons. There’s the breakfast place where everyone goes when the waves die down. The guys at Mediocre Boards shape their boards in their garage shop. The town gets up early–the kids get in a ride or three before school starts. Here, they mock the tourists, haze the rookies, travel in packs, debate long v. short, flat tail v. point, and when you call the girls “Gidget,” they kick your ass.