I’m downloading Desperate Housewives so I can skip the desperate housewives and get to the gay neighbours. Only two episodes, but I’m seriously loving Bob and Lee. Here are two reasons why: 1) they hate the housewives as much as I do, and 2) a quiet dark-haired one with amazing biceps and a snarky and skinny blonde one sounds a lot like Nick Stokes and Greg Sanders moved to the suburbs.

I made a resolution at the beginning of this year to comment on everything I read that I liked enough to save to my harddrive for rereading. And, though they may sit on my desktop upwards of a week, I think I’ve done it.

Next year: I master del.icio.us.

I don’t watch Heroes, but I’m loving the commercials Global is airing:

Announcer: Does Canada hold the answer?
Peter: Everything points to Montreal.
Everyone North of the 49: [waves hands] Look at us! We’re right here!