Maybe, when you first heard “Failsafe” from the new The New Pornographers album, you thought, like me, ‘This is good, but how would Neko have sung it?’ But did you ask yourself, ‘How would it sound sung by an ensemble chorale group?’ Well, now you know. (See video here.)

You should also know that, live, Kathryn Calder sings the crap out of that song.

Carl says, after their first song, “This is where we’re from.” Like he doesn’t know that Vancouver loves The New Pornographers best.

Managed to photograph the wild and rare Bejar in his native habitat, and, of course, Neko was banging her tambourine in her short skirt, but Kurt’s wife just had a baby and I didn’t catch the name of the new guy on drums.

So, don’t be jealous, rest of the world. Vancouver didn’t get the full Pornos lineup either.

I was so satisfied with The Office premiere with Kevin’s faces and his fist punch with Meredith and Dwight calling Angela “Monkey” and then killing her cat and Kelly not being sure if Buddhists worship Buddha and Jim and Pam in the car that I completely forgot to watch the second half. They shoved so much into half an hour, I thought it was done!