My happy place at the moment is the story of how George Ord hated John Audubon, and how he used to write nasty notes in the margins of Audubon’s books.

Feel free to substitute Rodney McKay and John Sheppard into that equation. You won’t be disappointed.

Can we take a moment and talk about what the year ’69 means in the Whoniverse? Here’s what I noticed today:

> Jack accidentally landed in 1869
> Nine was trying for 1860, but got 1869 in “The Unquiet Dead”
> Ten and Martha are stuck in 1969 in “Blink”
> Harold Saxon was born in 1969

Does anyone else feel that need to tell the internet every time you discover a new fandom? Like, you want to see who comes crawling out of the woodwork?

In three days, I’ve watched all of Hornblower, and have fallen hard for Horatio. And, I don’t know if we’re still cutting for spoilers here, but the way the narrative works, I’ve ended up with two pairings that don’t contradict each other at all. (In my world, this doesn’t happen. No matter how much I love the idea of Rodney/Ronon, I cannot read it. I can’t read Sam/Toby and I can’t read Mulder/Skinner. Kevin Walker, though, I could read with anyone.)

I’m halfway through the crack_van recs, and I’m getting to the point where I want to read all the books, even though I know Archie isn’t the same Archie. I don’t care. I want more.

Next up is the last season of Enterprise, so expect at least one more entry about having the wrong OTP (I can’t read Tucker/Reed, either).

The special circumstance which uniquely unlocked Shakespeare’s imagination and at the same time made him, forced him, to write, since no one writes if he doesn’t have to, is worth knowing.

William Carlos Williams on Shakespeare, 1927

[They can] shout down the head of the physics department at Cal Tech.

Adm James Stockdale, US Navy retired, expressing confidence in civilian control of weapons procurement, Newsweek 9 Jul 84

Tell me, would the good Admiral be referring to one Dr. Rodney McKay?

Listened to a girl answer her phone with “Hey, buddy, when did you get back from Alaska?” and I spent the rest of the bus ride creating in my head an AU where John and Rodney are in the oil industry.